The cost per session is $50 for a dog/handler pair. A session will include 2-3 herding periods with sufficient rest time in between to allow for the dog to recover physically and have some time to process the experience.  There will also be time in between periods to allow tending to the flock, they will need to rest and/or fresh sheep rotated into the field.

The number and length of periods will be determined by our staff and is based on several factors, including; attitude/condition of your dog, weather and the flock.  Animal health, safety and well-being will be the most important factor considered in determining the length and number of herding periods per session.  When the weather is hot, we may do more periods, only shorter in duration.
 Generally, you can expect your dog to have the opportunity to be in contact with sheep for 20-30 minutes over the course of 2-3 hours.  You are welcome to observe other handler/dog pairs, during observation, your dog must be kept leashed and under control.  Excessive barking and/or excitement could be distracting to a beginner or novice dog.
If your dog in disinterested in sheep, we will try to encourage his interest through exposure to the farm, leash walking through the pastures, spending time in the barn or paired with one of our own, more experienced dogs.
If your dog is too aggressive and poses a threat to the safety of our livestock, your session may be terminated.  There are nearby hiking and swimming locations that you may take advantage of to ensure you both end the day on a positive note.

We now accept PayPal.  You can pre-purchase sessions or purchase gift certificates.  If you would like to gift a herding session, please email me with specifics and I will create and send you a printable PDF gift certificate!